North Shore


It has been over 2 years, and well before we moved in to our new place, that we have discussed screens for our two balcony doors. The doors were not built to accommodate screens. And, any solution must be on the inside, not outside as a result, we were told by the manufacturer. But, the manufacturer also told us to contact Phantom Screens for a solution. We decided the project was more than we wanted to take on so we did not make contact and we decided to live with bugs flying into our unit. However, in the back of our minds we felt screens were the right thing to do...some day. When we were at the 2019 BC Home Show we came across your display and started to ask questions and decided to go for a quote. That started what has been a pleasant, efficient, and affordable experience. From booking a visit for a quote, to the day the guys came to look at our doors (and told us a solution was not going to be a problem), to getting a quote, deciding to proceed, to booking an installation day, to the early arrival of and quick installation by the most competent and friendly installer took all of 12 days...12 days! And, the screens are perfect, non intrusive and done to meet all our and our cat's needs. We can't wait to use them. Thanks to everyone at Phantom Screens...We will recommend you to any and all we talk to. 

Thanks again. 


Daniel & David

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